Jual Herder Anakan

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Jual 3 anak Herder
Lahir 15 juni 2015
1 jantan & 2 betina
Sudah vaksin dan obat cacing
Sudah tato surat stambum sudah keluar
Harga a rp: 3 jt
Anjing sehat dan lincah
Ada 1 lagi lahir 25 september 2015 . jantan harga a rp: 3 jt
Peminat serius hubungi hp: 081669179


Jual Herder Anakan Kualitas Super

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Dijual  Anakan Anjing Gembala Jerman / Herder

3 ekor jantan dan 1 ekor betina

Vaksin lengkap

Surat silsilah Perkin sudah ada

Bapak dan induk import Jerman

Jantan :
1. Vanos 3 bulan Rp. 10.000.000,-‎
2. Rocky : 6 bulan Rp. 10.000.000,-
3. Tiger : 7 bulan Rp. 10.000.000,-

Betina :
1. Tisa : 6 bulan  Rp. 10.000.000,- (Big Size)

Saya serius jual anjing kualitas super, silakan bandingkan dengan penjual anjing gembala jerman yang lainnya..!!

Peminat serius hubungi :
Agnew Tanto
HP: 081653030/0812303196
Maaf, tidak membalas SMS dan WA

German Shepherd Dog Health Issues

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The German Shepherd breed is an excellent choice for a canine companion. However, just like many other popular breeds, there are certain health problems that you need to be aware of. Here are a few of the most prevalent German Shepherd dog health issues to look out for:

Developmental bone and joint disease is a problem common to many large dog breeds, affecting the younger animals. If your dog is affected, he may show no symptoms at all, or he may demonstrate pain or lameness, and seem cautious about movement. Hip dysplasia may cause leg muscles to actually waste.

Many German Shepherds also suffer from Hemangiosarcoma, a cancer of the cells of the interior lining of the blood vessels. This condition can affect the skin, heart, liver, and spleen, as well as other organs. If you dog has Hemangiosarcoma, he may display weakness, light-colored gums, a distended abdomen, or even physical collapse.

Another German Shepherd dog health problem is weakness in the hind legs. This can also include wobbliness or a lack of coordination in the affected limbs. Multiple factors can cause this, including bone or spinal degeneration or possibly a slipped disc in the dog’s back.

Another problem to look out for is a diseased thyroid gland which will cause either over or under-production of thyroid hormones in some dogs. If your dog is experiencing skin infections, lethargy, hair loss, or cold intolerance it could indicate a thyroid problem.

Keep a keen eye on the eyes of your German Shepherd, especially if you notice apparent squinting, excess tearing or discharge, redness, or rubbing of the eyes. You should also be alert for any growths over the eye, regardless of the color. A condition called Pannus, an inflammation of the dog’s cornea, could cause any of these problems and be detrimental to your dog’s optical health.

A bacterial infection of the skin, sometimes accompanied by puss, is known as Pyoderma and can be a problem in German Shepherds. It is unknown what causes this condition, but it may be due to an immune deficiency. Your dog may have this if he displays pimples or sores, hair loss, redness or other abnormal skin conditions. Some dogs also become lethargic, or lose their interest in food.

A first step to avoiding these German Shepherd dog health issues is to make sure that your dog does not come from a breeder where other dogs had these issues. Watch your dog carefully, and be sure to consult your Vet if your dog displays any symptoms, or behavior out of the ordinary.

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By Lee Dobbins

German Shepherd

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As their name implies, German Shepherds were bred as herding dogs. As such they were bred to work closely with people and to control large moving masses. Herding dogs were bred to work and need work; if you don’t provide them with it they will find their own work to do. Also bred to think independently at times, these dogs can be smart problem solvers.

From their background as herders, you can expect these dogs to chase moving objects like bicycles and cars. They also have a tendency to nip at running children the same way they would nip at the heels of livestock. This is known as movement-stimulated nipping.

German Shepherds are very intelligent and versatile. They can be trained to be police dogs, guide dogs, seeing-eye dogs, protection dogs and so on. They can make wonderful companions. Even though highly trainable, German Shepherds require professional assistance at least for the first two years. They need constant, daily training and socialization sessions. Intensive early socialization is required to offset the problems of shyness and noise sensitivity that is common among all herding breeds. One should definitely not reward aggression or cowardice in this breed. Male German Shepherds should be neutered early.

German Shepherds have been an extremely popular breed for many years which has led to problems associated with overbreeding and poor breeding. Widespread genetic and temperament problems has left the Shepherd breed abounding with dogs who suffer from health and behaviour problems, excessive shyness and aggression. German Shepherds often become over attached to their owners which leads to separation anxiety, over protectiveness and fear of new situations.

The average height of a German Shepherd is between 22-26 inches and their average weight ranges from 65-100 pounds. Some, of course, can get much larger than this. Most Shepherds are black and tan in colour, but some can be solid black, white, or gray. These dogs are double-coated breeds and as such shed profusely. When shedding occurs, usually in the spring and fall, German Shepherds need to be brushed daily. Shedding lasts a couple of weeks, during which time the dogs will shed an amazing amount of hair.

As previously mentioned, these dogs need work and that translates into plenty of exercise. At least two sessions per day would be a minimum requirement. Daily training sessions would also be highly recommended.

Due to the high volume of breeding over the years, the behaviour of German Shepherds around children and other pets can be quite unpredictable. Some dogs can be fantastic around kids and pets and others can be the opposite. Some of this behaviour can be attributed to inherited traits but training and early socialization also play an important role here.

German Shepherds are prone to a vast array of health concerns. Here is a small list: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, spinal degeneration, auto-immune disease, thyroid dysfunction, subaortic stenosis, skin disorders and gastrointestinal problems. Poor temperament has now become so common that a stable, confident and calm Shepherd is a very pleasant surprise.

At their best, German Shepherds are second-to-none for their companionship and devotion. They can be trained to do almost anything. It is a sad situation that these good specimens are hard to find with so many unhealthy and unstable dogs out there.

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By Michael Russell

Breeder Anjing Herder di Jakarta Indonesia

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Kami adalah breeder/anjing Herder paling top di Indonesia. Semua anakan yang dihasilkan indukan Herder kami merupakan anjing ras pilihan dengan kualitas bagus. Semua anakan anjing Herder kami dapat Anda peroleh di situs Anjing Ras.  Silakan kunjungi situs Anjing Ras  untuk mendapatkan informasi anakan Herder kami yang terbaru.